Best Soy Candles

Are you looking for the Best Soy Candles. We spent hours to find out the Best Soy Candles for you and create a review video. In this video review you will find the top products list, what is the feature of these products and why you should buy it. Our dedicated team research web and […]

How to test burn Soy Wax Candles

Hey folks. I am back with another wick testing video. I am making some Christmas IN July candles scented in Cranberry Sauce (red) and Buttercream Crunch (blue). They both smell amazing separate but they smell even better together. Anywho, I need to see which series of wick is better to use for this candle. Not […]

የሻማ ማምረቻ በሚገርም ሁኔታ ሁሉን ነገር ያካተተ በሃገር ቤት የተሠራ /candle making machine

#ermi #ermitheethiopia #ethiopia #ጤና #ኤርሚ በትንሽ በሚባል መነሻ ሻማን አምርቶ ገበያ ላይ እስከ ማውጣት ሙሉ መረጃ ይገኝበታል ። ገበያ ላይ ከሚሸጠው ከ 10,000 ብር በላይ የተርፍበታል ። የሻማ ማምረቻ በሚገርም ሁኔታ ሁሉል ነገር ያካተት በሃገር ቤት የተሥራ /candle making machine የተለያዩ አስተያየታችሁን ሊሻሻል የሚገባው ነገር እንዲሁም ሊጠነክር የሚገቡ ነገሮችን አስተያየታችሁን እንድትሰጡኝ በትህትና አጠይቃለሁ ለመግዛት ለምትፈልጉትን […]